1. What are the benefits of entering The Mr. Dog Dad competition?

The Mr. Dog Dad is so much more than just a competion! Our program is carefully designed to grow your confidence, teach you life-long skills such as interviewing, public speaking and presenting yourself in front of an audience all while raising money for your animal charity of choice. In addition, you will create lifelong memories and friendships while gaining the skills necessary to succeed not only in this competition, but also in life!

2. Do I have to audition online?

No, you can also audition in-person. Please subscribe to our site to stay updated.

3. Do I have to live in New York to participate?

No, if you reside outside of NY, please audition online.


4. Is previous  experience required?

Absolutely not! We will provide you with all the information, help and tools you will need to be prepared for the competition. We are looking for a confident and enthusiastic dog dads who can proudly represent his charity of choice.

 5.Is there a talent portion of the competition?

There is no performing talent competition. There are three equally scored categories including: Interview, Runway challenge & Evening Wear.

6.What is the sponsor and registration fee?

The registration fee is $50. The total sponsor fee is $500.00. The sponsor fee pays for the cost of producing the pageant: awards, trophies, choreographers, emcees, lighting, sound, staging, judges’ expenses, staff, florists, venue rental, cash awards, printed materials office support and all of the many other things that go together to make our program the best it can be for you and your family. You may have as many or as few sponsors as you wish contributing to make up your total sponsor fee of $500. Businesses, family, friends, or fundraising activities are all great ideas for raising your sponsor fee. Without exception, sponsor  and registration fees are non-refundable. Remember, sponsor contributions can cover any pageant related costs, such as: Sponsor Fee, Production Number Outfit, Final Show Tickets, Optional Contests, Hotel Room, Roses, and more. So don’t stop at $500!

 7.Do I have to raise my sponsor fee, or can we just pay it ourselves?

It is completely up to you. You can either raise your sponsor fee, or you can just pay it, whichever works best for you and your family. Remember that the total sponsor fee is $500 and any additional contributions exceeding $500 can go towards any costs that are pageant related.


8.What is involved in the pageant weekend?

Contestants arrive on Thursday morning and stay until Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

9.What are the prizes should I win?
 Prize money and a donation to your animal charity of choice. Prizes differ from year to year according to sponsors that are participating in this year’s event.

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